About Bestlisto. Meet the founder Mirza Faisal, engineer turned blogger and writer.


Bestlisto.com is a blog for providing the list of top brands in various categories. This blog is focusing on the international brands available in the market and online stores. Our motive is to give you the list of top brands of the product which you are going to buy. You can easily find the list of best brands of daily use products like tea, coffee, toothpaste, shaving razor, shirts, deodorants and many more.

How can this blog help you?

We are explaining you with the example of shirt. If you want to buy a shirt and go to the market or online store. You will find that there are more than hundreds of shirt brands. Then, you will be in the confusion which will you buy or which one not. If we narrow the choice of the shirt brands to the top shirt brands only. You will definitely get the best shirt as you have the knowledge of top shirt brands and manufacturers. We offer this knowledge of top brands in the market. You can check out the 9 best shirt brands in the world.

Meet the founder of this blog

I am Mirza Faisal and founder of this lovely blog. I am a Maintenance Engineer working for a reputed paper industry in Uttar Pradesh, India. I belong to Meerut, a city in India. I am an engineer by profession and writer by heart. I always wanted to become a writer. The idea of this blog came in my mind by colleagues and friends as they always ask me the choices of the brands of products. I have good knowledge of international brands and love for writing, therefore I started this blog. Besides brands, we also have content of entertainment class in this blog. You can directly contact me at my email [email protected]